Human Capital

Support to developing countries and the creation of employment opportunities

In collaboration with a local microfinance organization, we are developing digital tutoring schools in impoverished areas, actively hiring local women as facilitators and providing them with training, and actively supporting not only education but also the creation of employment opportunities for women.

In Sri Lanka, we are developing math classes for children from low-income families and participating in educational support activities through NGOs. In Sri Lanka, we have been recognized for our achievements in improving math skills through the use of our ICT teaching materials, which have been introduced one after another at facilities operated by local NGOs and NPOs.
In addition, we are planning to conduct activities to improve the educational environment for children of workers on tea plantations owned by a major Sri Lankan company.

Initiatives for work style reforms

We introduced a flexible working system for all employees in April 2021 and a remote work system for two days a week in July 2021 to address work style reforms.

The return-to-work rate from childcare leave is 100%, and we are also working to promote the paternal leave system, revise our policies as appropriate and take flexible measures to enhance the work balance.

As part of our welfare program, we have also introduced the J-ESOP-RS plan as a retirement benefit plan for our employees. The J-ESOP-RS program provides an environment in which employees are motivated to improve the company's stock price and business performance.

Enhancement of human resource development and in-house training

We emphasize communication within and between departments and implement a variety of measures.

We encourage 1-on-1 meetings in each department, and have introduced a mentoring system for new employees in which senior employees provide one-on-one care to junior employees.

In addition, we hold company-wide morning meetings twice a month and an annual training camp for the formulation of a medium-term management plan with the participation of all employees, so that all employees have a sense of participation in management, a viewpoint of company-wide optimization, and a high perspective in their own work.

In addition to all employees taking the necessary training in accordance with revisions to laws and regulations, we also conduct training to ensure that our corporate philosophy and action guidelines are the common language of all employees.

We also have an annual award system for employees who embody the action guidelines in their daily work.