Impact Management

Visualize the social impact our business creates

Social issues SuRaLa Net aims to solve and the path to solutions

Various challenges children are facing may continue into their future and into the next generation. SuRaLa Net desires to contribute to breaking such a vicious cycle and reducing further disparities. To achieve them, children need to be financially independent in the future. We focus on two capabilities to reach these goals.

1. “Cognitive Abilities” such as academic performance
2. “Noncognitive abilities” such as problem-solving skills, cooperativeness, and autonomy

We believe that cognitive and noncognitive abilities are developed by cultivating a sense of “I can do it if I try” and that these abilities can be gained by accumulating self-confidence and small successful experiences. We believe that “Surala” can help children accumulate successful experiences through the opportunity of “learning” that is equally given to children who receive compulsory education, which will have a significant social impact.

Impact Management Report

SuRaLa Net is engaged in impact evaluation to visualize logically what social issues our business aims to solve and what outcome we aim to achieve. In particular, we have brought up four social issues, “school absenteeism,” “developmental and learning disabilities,” “poverty,” and “poor academic performance,” and have visualized the impact of our business on these issues from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives, and regularly updated them.

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