Message from CEO

Expand future options
and possibilities
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
SuRaLa Net Co., Ltd.
Takahiko Yunokawa

In recent years, both children and adults have been required to deal with the VUCA era. VUCA is an acronym for “Volatility,” “Uncertainty,“ ”Complexity,“ and “Ambiguity,” which has changed the perception of academic performance.

What do we need in such an era? We need to look at the “issues” that we or society should solve. Issues may be apparent or latent. The academic performance required in the future is the ability to identify, address, and resolve such issues from multiple perspectives.

We were among the first to recognize the need to shift to a new academic performance perception, having been developing and providing digital learning materials based on cutting-edge technologies. By providing learning opportunities, we aim to foster children's ability to identify and resolve issues, expand their options and possibilities for the future, and empower them to become adults who can actively participate in society.

We work extensively with schools, cram schools, and other educational institutions and have a broad scope by expanding our activities in and outside Japan, while always being solution-oriented and pursuing our essence.