Aim of SuRaLa Net

Empower children to
have as many options
for their future as possible
Surala Net co.,LTD.
Director Miki Kakiuchi

We conduct business activities based on our corporate philosophy, “Bringing transformation to education and empowerment to children.” “Bringing transformation to education” represents our aspiration to deliver a new learning experience in which even a student alone can learn from scratch by using AI and other cutting-edge technologies and to constantly evolve this experience to create various ways of education.
"Bringing empowerment to children" expresses our wish that children will find the fun of understanding the fundamentals, like "That's what it means!"; enjoy a sense of accomplishment, like "I did it!”; feel a sense of self-efficacy, like "I might be able to do it!"; and become curious, like "I want to know more, let's try it!" to expand their options and possibilities for the future with their own hands.

Our services aim to improve basic academic performance. However, we do not think raising grades and academic performance is the only goal. We believe that children need to acquire the knowledge necessary to live in society and the ability to apply that knowledge and develop a sense of self-affirmation and self-efficacy through a series of small successes.
Our mission is to provide learning experiences that enhance the self-esteem of each child and support them in discovering their future options so that those who are struggling to understand academic subjects and lack confidence because they do not know how to overcome it or who are unable to envision their future path due to lack of educational opportunities, are not left behind and to prevent their unlimited potential from being inhibited.