ESG Materiality

Build a sustainable society through the business

To solve social issues through our business and to improve our sustainable corporate value in response to the diversifying educational environment,
We will continue our efforts to solve social issues and enhance sustainable corporate value through our business activities in diverse educational environments.

Expand content and broaden the use of our services to solve various social issues with EdTech in Japan and abroad

Develop human resources for business expansion in response to diversifying work styles and social environments

Promote the reduction of paper resource use by promoting cloud computing and digitalization in educational sites.

Establish a fair and highly transparent management system to enhance effectiveness in response to the social environment and the enforcement of laws and regulations.

The majority of directors (3 out of 5) are outside directors

One female director

Establishment of the Nomination and Compensation Committee

The ratio of female executive officers is 75% (3 out of 4)

SDGs initiatives


Provide learning opportunities to a wide range of children through ICT learning materials that enable children to proceed with their learning according to each individual's level of understanding


  • Provide home-based learning and opportunities to receive education for absentee children
  • Provide individually optimized learning for children with developmental and learning disabilities
  • Provide individually optimized self-directed learning for combined classes in remote islands and mountainous areas
  • Provide learning opportunities for children in relative poverty in cooperation with NPOs

Provide “Surala Ninja!,” an ICT learning material for overseas elementary school students in developing countries such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia


  • Develop “Surala JUKU,” a math class for children from low-income families, with a microfinance organization, Women’s Bank.
  • Provide our services and support through NGOs such as SOS Children's Villages and Child Fund, which take in orphans and children affected by domestic violence.


  • Supporting the development of systems to provide quality education to children in need of more extensive support through demonstration projects of international organisations and government agencies.
  • Create employment opportunities by actively utilizing local women as facilitators (lecturers)