SuRaLa Net’s commitments

When looking at children's future, it is essential to remember that children who experience success in their studies develop great self-confidence. By experiencing that “hard work pays off” by themselves, they can foster a “can-do” spirit, which is the most crucial mindset in life.
We are committed to the following policies to enable children to accumulate successful experiences through learning to increase their options and expand possibilities in their future.

Enhance genuine academic performance

We emphasize that children can gain fundamental and conceptual understanding while having fun and retain and apply the knowledge they have achieved, rather than relying solely on memorization to score points on immediate periodic examinations.

Children are encouraged to learn naturally and proactively by repeatedly answering questions through interactive lectures using animation. With lectures composed of small steps, they can gradually and surely accumulate "I did it" and "I understand it."

Tailor to the individuality of each child

Each child has unique weaknesses, varying comprehension paces, diverse learning and home environments, and different interests. We provide learning experiences tailored to each child’s academic performance, characteristics, and individuality, enabling them to acquire solid basic academic skills under any circumstances.

Make learning fun

There are moments in other subjects and life when you suddenly realize, "Oh, that's what I've been learning! That's what that meant!" The accumulation of small "I did it!" leads to "I want to improve it" and "I want to know more," which makes learning fun.

SuRaLa Net delivers such experiences through its learning materials.

Connect with other people

The learning materials designed and developed by SuRaLa Net are just tools. To master the tools, we provide the know-how and propose operational methods tailored to the educational challenges of each user. To do this, it is dispensable to communicate with teachers and parents who are directly involved with children.

SuRaLa Net values human interaction because it is people who not only decide what to use but also determine whether they can leverage it or not.